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There’s always been a sound business case for using a Virtual Assistant (VA) when you need to extend your capacity. From solo entrepreneurs to large corporations, savvy business owners know that outsourcing administrative tasks will free up your valuable time and help increase your profits. It’s that simple.

But now, during the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic – the Virtual Assistant is in demand in a big way. Why?

An extra team member immediately

As a business owner you have no doubt been affected by sickness, self-isolation, social distancing, caring for others and now almost certainly by school closures.

By outsourcing your business tasks, you can free up your time to use it in the most proactive way – looking after family and friends, extra time managing your remote team or preparing your crisis plan.

Business growth

Leveraging the Covid-19 pandemic to your advantage, and in a positive way, is not beyond the realms of possibility. It can be business as usual for some – with the right mindset, a flexible attitude and some smart thinking you can do a lot better than ride this out.

While some businesses sadly have no choice but to down tools, you’ll find it a lot easier to think clearly and positively without the burden of everyday tasks which need to be completed.


The last thing on your mind at the moment is taking on new members of staff. But you may have partners, staff and suppliers off sick. You may even have had to let people go. But now, more than ever – you need all hands on deck to keep business booming. Using a Virtual Assistant means no recruitment headache, paying only for what you need and without any employee overheads.

It’s no wonder many businesses are crying out for high quality Virtual Assistants during the Corona outbreak, and why so many have no hours left to offer desperate businesses just like yours.

What’s on your to do list?

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