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Can a change be as good as a rest? What happens when you must make a decision that affects your health and your career?

I have had to do exactly that in the past few months. It hurt and it was hard but was it ultimately work it?

I had spent nearly 5 years building up Oh Oh Sew as a business and brand from scratch, I designed and created very different pieces, met some amazing clients and generally loved my job day in, day out.

Then my body decided to fail me. A reoccurring shoulder problem has rapidly descended into a permanent one that means that I have very limited movement in my right arm. This was not fun when it came to cutting out, or even hand sewing large volumes of work.

It became apparent very quickly that I could not continue to sew such complicated pieces on the scale I was doing.  So, I had to face up to the fact that Oh Oh Sew was coming to an end, that for my health and for the quality of my work I would need to stop.

I needed to rest, but faced with an uncertain future, I was also very aware that I needed to find work that I could do and do well, earn money and more importantly to me, enjoy.

Thankfully I had an undiscovered ace up my sleeve.

For a few hours a week, I worked as a virtual administrator to the immensely talented Louise Dillon of Armadillo Social. It was something to earn a regular income, and to give my brain something to think about. I was learning from her daily, picking up new tasks outside the original remit and generally making myself comfy! As time, and confidence in my work grew so did the hours and responsibility.

Then, through Louise, I had a few enquiries about taking on more work as a VA. So, I sat, and I thought, and I realised that this was something I could do and do well (I have over 20 years of Administration/Secretarial/Management experience), earn money, and if working with Louise was anything to go by, I would enjoy immensely.

So, I decided to take the plunge. I’ve created a new business, brand and ultimately a new me. It is hard to start from scratch again, but I am surrounded by very supportive people. I’ve made sure I’ve taken the time to research all the legislation and paperwork needed and made sure I’ve connected with other VA’s.

3 months in to my new career and I already have 3 regular clients on the books, and the prospect of more.

So, has a change been as good as a rest? It’s no less demanding but it’s my “rest” and I’m enjoying every minute of it.