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Virtual Assistant services have substantially grown over the past few years. VAs can be a key asset to help start-ups and early stage companies to get off the ground, and invaluable to established small business to help expand and grow.

As with every business being very hands on may be necessary at first, but as time goes by it’s important to start letting go of the reins. Sometimes, you can be overloaded with tasks and responsibilities, and the prudent decision would be to hire a VA, but some businesses worry about the cost implications. A VA can take off hours from your work week and can also give the Small Business Owner an array of benefits such as no employee-related expenses, no separate office space and no worries concerning downtime. You simply pay the VAs for the services they perform according to the terms of their contract.

Today, businesses of all sizes are attempting to minimize costs and, of course, boost profits. With the costs of taking on employees soaring – payrolls, benefits, taxes and insurance – it has become more feasible for a company to outsource work to virtual assistance services. General Virtual Assistance can include general administration, content writing, SEO & Digital Marketing, Social Media, Web Developer, Audio & Video Editor, but the list is not exhaustive. Put simply, VAs are time savers, and time is an important commodity.

It is understandable if you are concerned about taking on a VA. You may think they are unreliable or won’t get the job done at the cost you agreed to. You may even feel they’ll subcontract out the work. However, a typical VA is working full-time (31 to 40 hours per week), maintaining one to seven clients and have a very low turnover rate. This type of professional won’t risk losing clients with shoddy work and deceptive practices.

So, if you’re looking to grow your business at an effective cost then a VA is your solution.